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It is with pride and reverence that the Tabacinic Chabad Jewish Center dedicated a Wall For the new elegant and beautiful Yahrtzeit Memorial Board with an eternal light at the center of the Board. Donated by Roberta Kaplan In Loving memory of her husband Paul and her parents may they rest in peace.

A memorial plaque dedication is a distinguished and eternal way of paying respect and tribute to the memories of our dear departed loved ones; showing, as it does, the prominent places they occupy in our place of worship and in our hearts.

Names inscribed on the plaque will have their Yahrtzeit observed in the following manner:

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  • A card will be mailed each year with a reminder of the day of the Yahrtzeit.
  • The memorial bulb will be lit on the Month of the Yahrtzeit and during all Yizkor days.
  • Four times a year, on Yom Kippur, Shmini Atzeret, Pesach, and Shavuos, the "Moleh" prayer will be recited for the name of the departed, at the conclusion of the Yizkor service.

The initial cost for inscription on a bronze plaque is $500.00. Each year thereafter, a contribution of any size will be accepted on the Yahrtzeit day. For a memorial plaque application, please call Rabbi Greenberg 760.828.5999

DONOR INFORMATION (individual ordering the plaque)
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I would like to dedicate plaque/s at $500.00 per name/plaque.
Please inscribe the following name on the memorial tablet:
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First Name   First Name
Hebrew Name   Hebrew Name
Fathers Hebrew Name   Fathers Hebrew Name
Date of Passing
  Date of Passing
After dark? Yes No   After dark? Yes No
Please send Yahrtzeit cards to the following people on the yahrtzeit:
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Name   Full Address
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Exp. Date   CVV Code 3 digits on back of card