Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated regularly.

What are some of the changes we can expect in camp this summer and what is CGI doing to mitigate the risks?
While this summer program will look very different from what our families are used to, we will still operate our camp using our three guiding principles: ‘Safe. Fun. Jewish.’

Obviously a major focus of this summer will be on safety. As things look at this point, based on current CDC and ACA guidelines, we will have the following changes:

  • There will be no trips and only virtual entertainment or specialists;
  • The majority of the camp day will be spent outdoors. 
  • We will be limiting the size of each group. 
  • We will be washing our hand frequently throughout the day with soap and water and we will use hand sanitizer when a sink is not available. 
  • We will not be allowing visitors or parents on to the campus;
  • Parents will not be allowed to accompany their child/children on to campus and must remain in their car with their mask on during drop off and pick up.
  • Campers and staff will be screened daily for symptoms and temperatures will be taken;
  • Counselors will be waiting at the gate to do the screening and bring the children in 
  • Camp will be providing 2 snacks each day.
  • Campers need to bring their own labeled lunch and water bottle each day 
  • Sunscreen should be applied to your children before arriving at camp each morning. 
  • There will be an additional waiver that addresses the COVID-19 pandemic.

What time is drop off and pickup?
Drop off will be from 9:00 until 9:15 AM and pickup will be from 2:50 - 3:00 PM. 

Will my child/children have to wear a mask all day?
All children will need to bring 2 masks with them each day. Anyone over 13 will have to wear a mask as much as possible. Campers will be encouraged to wear a mask whenever they are not able to social distanced.

Will my child/children have to socially distance from their peers?
Based on our current guidance, campers within one group/cohort will be allowed to intermingle more closely than 6’, but will still avoid touching and sharing materials.

Will my child/children need a bathing suit?
We will be enjoying water days 3 times per week. The first week we will be having water play on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and the second week it will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure that your child brings a bathing suit, water shoes, a towel and a change of clothing on those days.

Does the county allow this?
As we can fit into the childcare category, our county has already opened up childcare as long as the facility follows the CDC guidelines. 

How did you come to this decision?
We spent countless hours combing through the information released by the 

  • American Camp Association, including their ‘Camp Operations Guide Summer 2020;’
  • Center for Disease Control;
  • The CDSS